Sunday, December 7, 2014

Is it Better to Invest in December in Philippine Stocks?

One of my friends who is eager to learn more about in stock investing asked me if it is a good time to buy stocks during December. Her reason is due to the high economic activity during December, During Christmas season, more people buy gifts and new things which turns to profit for selling companies.

I don't know how to answer her so I just keep quiet after my several minutes of thinking.
I forgot to answer her based on the historical return.  While browsing on the web, I stumbled on one of the articles of my favorite author in Philippine Star, Valentino Sy.

His article is the perfect answer for my friend.   You can read on his work in december-strongest-month-stock-market

 Is it a good buy to buy stock in December? The short answer is Yes (generally).

Why I decided Not to Day Trade for a Living

I like the idea of day trading. I feel joy when my trade goes in my favor.
I feel like I'm the greatest trader in the world (even if I'm not). I feel like I won the lottery (even if I just gained a few hundred pesos)

I want to do it every hour and every day.  I want to trade more but I know I should not.
My reason is not related to the piling of commission or brokerage fees but more on my productiveness. My reason is not related to risk either.

 I might gain in day trading but even I have profits, I know deep inside that I didn't produce anything.
It's not all about the money.  I know that I exerted time and effort to execute the trade but I didn't produced any product or service for the benefit of the people.  Of course, I helped the broker to earn a little commission and the government to have taxes but I consider it as minimal. I provided service and entertainment for myself because I did what I like but I wanted to serve more.

My point is I can be more productive and earn at the same time compared when I just sitting down, doing manual trades and wait for stock prices to change. If I avoid my manual trades, I can be more productive and produce greater impact for society !  This may also apply with you. Try to think about it.

My Top 7 PSE stocks for Long Term Investing


Philippine Stock Market IPO 2015

Do you know companies who announced intent to conduct an IPO next year 2015?

IPO is also as Initial Public Offering. From the word itseld, it is the initial offering of the company to the the public.  In the previous years of Philippine Stock Exchange, there are companies that conducted IPO and after a few months or years, their stock prices is way way up higher now. One example is PGOLD or Puregold.

If we know companies that are going have IPO, its good to be aware of them early on to research, plan, and save fund ahead.

What is Contrarian Investing?

Here is my basic  understanding contrarian investing. It is a type of investing or trading where someone buys when majority of shareholders sells or someone sells when majority of the shareholders buys.  A contrarian investor do the opposite of what the masses does in the stock market.

I think this type of investing is something that you can't say immediately illogical.
When someone buy a stock which is being sell by everyone and it is easy to get a low buying price for the stock. Also, when someone sell a stock which everyone wants, it is easy to get a high selling price.  They seem to act as leader of the other side or the leader of a new herd.

The problem on being a contrarian investor is they don't know if the masses will continue on what they do or if will they follow them doing the contrary.  Eventually, the trend will reverse butthe question is .. How soon?

The other battle that you have to face if you want to be a contrarian is mental pressure.
If I'm new in being a contrarian, I will feel nervous on buying a stock when all of the other people are selling them. Perhaps, a contrarian doesn't feel fear or greed but they just feel good in doing the contrary.

This is just my view and I might be wrong for others. I'm sure there are some out there who have a contradicting idea.

Happy Investing everyone!

How much should I invest in Stocks?

"How much should I Invest in Stocks? "
 "Magkano ang dapat kong ipuhunan sa stocks?"

This will depend on your risk profile. Age can also be considered as a factor since generally older people should have a more less risky investment or more conservative.

When you are young, you can invest more since there are more income opportunities for you assuming that there are turmoils in stock market. Also, when you are young, you can allow more time for your stock investment to grow.  

How to Increase Montly Contribution to Pag-ibig Fund

The simplest answer is to talk to your employer if you are employed. Usually, these are being handled by your Human resources department. You can also talk tou your manager so they can redirect you to the proper contact or proper procedure.

Be sure to discuss clearly discuss the future change in your contibution. Indicate in your request the current and future amount of your monthly contribution. Include also in your discussion the exact dates of the effectivity of the your new monthly contribution.

Lastly, don't forget to check your payslip and double check with Pag-ibig if your contributions are reflecting timely and accurately.

To buy or Not to buy a Condo

To buy or Not to buy a Condo

The first question you need to evaluate is do you need a condo?
When we are little we are taught to buy the the thing that we need first.

Second, can you really afford it without having too much problems?
If you need to apply for a loan, are you sure that you can repay the loan? Do you have ample emergency fund?  If you are unsure,its wiser to look for a cheaper alternative

If you answered Yes to all of these questions, I believe you really deserve to get the condo the you want.

Bible Verses and Quotes about Money

Dishonest money dwindles away,
but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.
Proverbs 13:11

How to start investing in stocks in the Philippines

Stock Investing is getting more and more popular for Filipinos. But even if there is an increase in awareness level, many are still confused on how to start investing in Philippine Stocks.

When I'm assisting a beginner, I always tell them to study and practice first because they might lose a huge part of their hard earned money in just a few days or few months.  I don't want them to feel bad towards stock investing.  However, if I feel that they are fully prepared or can take risks, I always suggest to open an online broker account immediately. There are many online broker account in the Philippines and the famous ones are COL, BPI, and First Metro.

Don't be afraid in opening an account. You won't learn all of the things in just one week in the world of stocks but once you open an account, a new world will open to you. You will think of questions which you never thought before and you will seek and find the answers for every one of them.
One of my tips for beginners with small capital is to start with the minimum amount of investment.
The minimum amount will differ for every online broker but you can find a minimum account for 5,000 pesos only.  This 5000 pesos will serve as your key in learning more about stocks and securities. Don't worry for your 5000 pesos amount because the whole amount will not be consumed as payment for opening your account. It can be credited as fund or deposit to your account. This means that you can use the 5000 pesos to buy shares of your desired company. Although, please note that when you buy and sell you will be charged with a small fee for taxes, commissions, etc.

 Before you get drowned on the idea of getting rich, please assess your risk tolerance first. Is it ok for you to lose 20% of your money in stocks after 1 month?  Try to focus on both the good side and bad side of stock investing. Don't focus solely on what you can gain because realistically there are people who loose money on stock investing.

There are many things to know about stock investing such as when to buy and when to sell, market psychology and even your own emotions like your fear, wants, and greed but don't be afraid to start.
If you don't start, you won't win!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Will you still buy shares of X or XURPAS?

Shares of Xurpas jumped on it's first trading day. It rose up to 49.87%.
On its second day last December 3, it climbed up another 41.18%

This is the company description from PSE Website

Incorporated on November 26, 2001, Xurpas, Inc. (X) is a technology company which specializes in the creation and development of digital products and services for mobile end-users, as well as the creation, development, and management of proprietary platforms for mobile operators. The Company also offers mobile marketing solutions to local and international consumer brands seeking to promote their products through mobile telecommunications.

X currently provides mobile consumer content to Sonera Zed, a division of a telecommunications operator based in Finland, and also to local telecommunication companies, Smart Communications and Globe Telecom, Inc. The Company has a 65% controlling stake in Fluxion, Inc., which is engaged in mobile and internet systems design and the development of programming languages, usability and social media.

Source: Prospectus (2014)

If you are curious and we'd like to know more about this company, read more on their website

After soaring high for two days, will the share price of X continue to rise?
Will you buy or sell?

Monday, June 16, 2014

disclaimer, reminder, warning

this blog is turning to be just a note of my personal tracking on what is happening and what happened on stock market.

However, it is possible that I have typo errors or content error and I may fail to update it at the right time. Please verify the details that you find in here. Just a warning.

Happy investing, Happy trading everyone. and more learning for everyone :)

DD and SINO up again

SINO up by 10.71%
DD up by 12.35%

is it a good idea to but DD near 7pesos (6.9) ??

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DD double dragon goes down by 13.72%

Bad day for those who bought DD at a high price greater than 9.
DD is now only 7.80 per share

How much lower will DD go until it rise again?

Update: This Jun13 12PM, DD goes down again!

ALI rises by 31.55. It seems ALI doesn't want to go down  30.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SINO stock going up, reaches ceiling price

I think it was around 47% up last Tuesday, and it is 50% up last Wednesday
Will it reach 50% gains again tomorrow?

It's hard to buy SINO stock because there are too few sellers but too many buyers!

Update: I noticed that after several big jumps (~50% increase for 3 days?), SINO is not an eye-catcher today. SINO is just moving sideways now. No more big leaps. Will there be a slide down?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Belle (BEL) transfers gaming assets to SINOPHIL(SINO)

This June 3, 2014 12PM, BEL posted a  -9.12 % while SINO had 47.95% gains.
BEL is the top actively traded and SINO is the top gainer this afternoon

I searched for news related to both of these companies and arrived with this one

More movements to expect for BEL and SINO

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blue Chip Stokcs List Philippines

What is Blue Chip ?
Blue Chip companies are financially sound companies that can withstand the downturn on the market.
They say that the term was derived on casino blue chip which possess the highest value

Blue Chips are known to be less volatile and less risky.

Example of Blue Chip Stock in The Philippines
URC Universal Robina Corporation
MBT Metrobank
ALI Ayala Land
JFC Jollibee

PSEi selloff after a lower than expected GDP

GDP of the Philippines on first quarter of 2014 is just 5.8%. However, the expectation for the GDP is greater than 6%. (concensus is 6.4%).

What's the effect on PSE market of this lower than expected GDP?
As you may expect, there was sell-off in the market. PSEi dropped 1.64% in just one day, May 29, 2014

Here are the declines of selected stocks: BLOOM dropped5.01%, JGS dropped by 4.99%,
ALI dropped by 4.24%, DMC dropped by 3.46% and MBT dropped by 2.96%

Note that these are not small companies. Most, if not all, are Blue Chip Companies.
The next time that there are releases for GDP numbers, expect movements like these.

It's all about expectation
Note: There are instances that even if the numbers released by the government are low but they beat the expectation of the market, the stock market goes up. On the other hand, even if the numbers are high (ex.GDP)  but it didn't meet the expectation of the investors, there is a strong possibility that the market will decline.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

LTG going up again

Finally, there was two consecutive green days for LTG.   This May 29, LTG reclaimed 14.86 prive level after rising by 3.77%

If you think about it 3.77% in one day is a lot more better than a 0.5% interest rate per annum in peso deposits of most banks.  3.77% is a long way better also than gains on Time deposit rates which is currently around 1.125%.

In other words, it's possible to gain more earnings on stock trading compared to bank deposit and time deposit rates.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LTG rising up again

Is it too early to say that LTG share price is rising again?  Just today, May 28, 2014, LTG rose up by 1.85%.  Recall that for several days in the past, LTG is suffering price declines.

Now the question is .. Is this a real bounce or a fake bounce? Will the price continue to increase?

The current price is near the lowest points of the previous months graph. Is this what they call support?

I have no proof at hand but my speculation points that the price will increase again. This is just a guess.!

By the way, there's a decrease in Double Dragon price today.  After hitting the 10 peso mark, DD is back to 9.70.  This corresponds to 3% decrease.  If I'm a holder, I will be more worried whether to buy or hold my DD stocks.

Other noticeable gainers for today are Puregold (PGOLD) and Emperador Inc. (EMP).
Is this what they call technical rebound as both stocks were in consecutively red last week?

Happy investing and trading everyone!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Double Dragon DD : To buy or not to buy

If you're a newbie investor or trader,  you might be wandering whether to buy, hold,or sell Double Dragon Shares.  Some analysts points to sell DD due to valuations and stock continuous upward movement. But just today May 27, DD reached its 10 pesos mark.

While most of the stocks are in the red zone, DD is enjoying a run up. DD even reached a peak of 10.96 per share.  Definitely, this is another joyful day for Double Dragon holders.

I'm clueless about the direction of Double Dragon share price.
However, one thing is for sure, as the stock price goes higher and higher, the risks goes higher and higher also.

May 28 Update: DD declined 3%

Friday, May 23, 2014

DMC gives 400% stock dividend

Aside from regular and special cash dividends, DMCI Holdings DMC offers 400% stock dividend.
A 400% stock dividend means you'll have 4 common shares for every 1 common share.

400% ??? No type error?  Sounds good but from my experience each stock value reduces at a similar rate.

 For example,  if you have 100 shares of company 'Y' priced at 100 pesos each then after the stock dividend payout you'll have 400 shares.  However, you'll notice that your 400 shares are now priced at a lower price...lets say 25pesos.  The rate of decrease is approximately the same with the increase of the number of shares. So previously, you have 100 shares x 100 pesos = 10,000 Pesos and after 400 shares x 25 pesos = 10, 000 pesos. This means you still have the same total amount before and after the stock dividend payment.

As of May 23, the ex date is still TBA.   Will DMC move up again when these dates are announced?

Hmm Why is there a need for giving stock dividend? My googling hints that it can increase its authorized capital stock.

Double Dragon DD moves up again

Double Dragon DD moves up 7.65% and this May 23 it is now priced at 9.85.  Cheers to DD holders again!  Will DD reach the 10 pesos mark next week?

COAL  recovers some of its losses yesterday. COAL was up by 3.50% this May 23

BDO stock price increase is hard to miss because it has an extreme 2.87% increase among the top traded stocks. Is this increase related to the story that BDO bank scouts for more acquisitions?

Overall, the PSEi didn't move much today. The index is almost unchanged with its -.28% movement.

I saw a stock rights offering (1 Right Share for every 3.56 common shares of MA/MAB.. This is priced at  0.012 per share) of Manila Mining (MA) and today I also found a 5 percent decrease with this stock.  Is this the normal reaction when there is stocks rights offering?
I dont know and I don't know why companies are offering stock rights offering.  I'll search for the reason next week.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Investing in stock market philippines

How to invest in Philippine stock market ?
If you are looking for other ways to earn income, you can give stock investing a try.
But first, please note that this type of investment is not for all.  Basically, your risk tolerance will determine if buying and selling of stocks is for you.

Stock investing is riskier than bank deposits or time deposits in the Philippines but stock investing
is also more rewarding.

To start, i suggest you open a free trial on famous brokers of the Philippines. Most of online brokers offers a DEMO.  A Demo account means you won't lose real money.

Learn to read more business news and stock market books. Learning resources for stocks are widely available on the internet. There are too many sites to choose from but one of my favorite is Investopedia.

Next is too attend FREE seminars. Most online brokers are also offering free tutorial. They conduct Technical analysis and Fundamental analysis. If you are looking for other topics or wants to attend a more deeper analysis, you can attend seminars for a fee.

Another tip that I can give is to ask for help from others who are experience.
Its good that you are reading this article but its also good if you will talk personally to someone with experience. You can see their excitement or disappoints with them - the two emotions that you will feel over and over again for

If you are still afraid, you can try opening an account with the minimum amount required. You can open an account for as low as 5,000 pesos. Furthermore, this 5000 pesos will be available to your fund and can be used for trading.

Deposit and buy more stocks once you get the hang of buying and selling stocks.
Take note of the fees, commission, taxes and other charges that are being deducted to you when you buy or sell stocks.

Always check you emotion. Don't be greedy. Don't be afraid.  Greed and Fear will certainly affect your decision
Define your buying strategy and exit strategy. What do you expect from stocks? Do you want your stocks to rise more than 50% before selling. Is that realistic?

PSE LTG stock going up?


Who knows what hill happen to LTG tomorrow? Certainly, not me. However,  after several days, LTG showed a green light.

Last May 22, LTG was up by 1.39 %. Will this continue tomorrow?

Going back to COAL, Coal continue to decline with a whooping -7.14%.
Will it erase its big upward move from two days ago, May 20.

Here is a song for nervous COAL holders who can't think whether to SELL, BUY, or HOLD
...COAL ka lang, relax ka lang ...

Double Dragon was alive again with its 4.21% increase

1.01% increase is not bad for the index after a bif decline yesterday. Initially, I thought that the market will just move sideways. Its Friday tomorrow, last day of trading for the week. Lets see what will the market do.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What is happening with COAL stock?

Puzzled with today's market

COAL is more than 35% up last May 20, 2014.  Any news regarding this?  There was a disclosure in PSE site. Is that the explanation of the price movement?

Aside from COAL, LTG stock performance is also noticeable.  I checked the daily graph and its red for several days. Is it good time to buy stocks of LTG now or the price will continue to fall ?

Let's see what will happen tomorrow.

Last May 21, there are no extravagant increase of COAL. It fell down by 3.75%.
LTG also fell by abother 1.91%.

Moreover, the PSE index is down by 1.75%.  URC, MBT , SM, SMPH were down bymore than 3% in just one day. Double Dragon is also in red. DD fell down 4.77%.

RSI of LTG is now only 19.15%. Is LTG oversold and good to buy now?

Other observations from several days
BPI travalled far from around 96 to 87.80
EEI tuns to red again.
JFC, After 5 days of solid gains . JFC is down by 2.43%
RSI of SCC slowly creeps down
GLO had one long red candle
MER from 292 to 262

There's Passive Income, Do you still believe ?

Do you believe in Passive Income?

I'm starting to believe that there is no such thing as passive income. Everything requires effort but there are things that require less. I think what people say passive income is not totally passive. They just refer to those work with the least amount of effort. Rental income for example.  You or someone needs to work first before you earn money! This is what I observe from multi level marketing and earning online by blogging.  However, as time passes by, when you already build you're 'pyramid' or levels or created a decent blog, you'll get to earn more with lesser work.  A short quote to understand this is build now, earn more later.   Build something now and reaps it benefit later.

But wait, I just knew that I had the wrong expectation for  passive income. Passive income is an income received with less work. No one said that no work is required!  I'll still give rental income, blogging income and income from stocks/mutual fund their chances. Besides, I'm a believer that nothing is lost if you love what you do.

  Its not just money.  Everything becomes passive when you love what you do!