Monday, June 16, 2014

disclaimer, reminder, warning

this blog is turning to be just a note of my personal tracking on what is happening and what happened on stock market.

However, it is possible that I have typo errors or content error and I may fail to update it at the right time. Please verify the details that you find in here. Just a warning.

Happy investing, Happy trading everyone. and more learning for everyone :)

DD and SINO up again

SINO up by 10.71%
DD up by 12.35%

is it a good idea to but DD near 7pesos (6.9) ??

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DD double dragon goes down by 13.72%

Bad day for those who bought DD at a high price greater than 9.
DD is now only 7.80 per share

How much lower will DD go until it rise again?

Update: This Jun13 12PM, DD goes down again!

ALI rises by 31.55. It seems ALI doesn't want to go down  30.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SINO stock going up, reaches ceiling price

I think it was around 47% up last Tuesday, and it is 50% up last Wednesday
Will it reach 50% gains again tomorrow?

It's hard to buy SINO stock because there are too few sellers but too many buyers!

Update: I noticed that after several big jumps (~50% increase for 3 days?), SINO is not an eye-catcher today. SINO is just moving sideways now. No more big leaps. Will there be a slide down?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Belle (BEL) transfers gaming assets to SINOPHIL(SINO)

This June 3, 2014 12PM, BEL posted a  -9.12 % while SINO had 47.95% gains.
BEL is the top actively traded and SINO is the top gainer this afternoon

I searched for news related to both of these companies and arrived with this one

More movements to expect for BEL and SINO