Monday, September 30, 2013

Pinoy Money Tips: Keep Cash in your wallet and coins in your pocket

At first, I added the keep cash on your wallet just to complete the rhyme. But there is a deeper meaning behind that money quote.  What I wanted to point out on this money tip is the importance of putting coins in your pockets.  Why?
The reason is...

Money Tips: Know your investment Options

Every option below has its own advantage and disadvantage associated to risk, time horizon, liquidity and others

Bank Deposits -  very low risk but very low return
Time Deposit - low risk but low return
SDA  - low risk but low return
Bonds - less risk but low return compared to stocks
Stocks - high risk but very  liquid
Real Estate - illiquid

Money Tip: Know your risk profile or risk appetite before investing

There are associated risk in every investment.  People have different status, needs, stress tolerance, and risk appetite.

Are you prepared to lose half or your investment?
Do you need to withdraw your money in the next month? six months? 1 year? 5 years?

Personally, I would rather NOT invest my money in certain investment instrument if I can't get sleep at night.

Money Tip: Know how to Open Mutual Fund Account

In the Phillipines, the common mutual funds are offered by Financial institutions like FAMI and SUNLIFE.

You can vist their website to know the details of getting account.

Money Tip: Know how to Open Stock Accounts

Pinoy Money Tips: Learn to Avoid Scam

Almost every year there are scams in the Philippines that is being revealed to the public.Due Diligence is the key to avoid scam. Scammers have so many things to offer so that they can entice you to give or lend your money with them. Most scam offers involve a quick way of getting money, very high interest rates, a promise of cars, house and lot, and other high profile gadgets

Do your company research. 
  • How long is the company operating?
  • How do they earn profits?
  • Do they have products? 
  • Do they promise quick return?
  • Are they putting you in lots of pressure?
  • Are they registered in SEC?
  • Do they operate via pyramiding? (some pyramid sheme are scams)
The number one thing that you should always remember is that ..
If it sounds too good to be true, It probably is.  There is no quick way of getting money ( I am not aware of any).  Besides,  there is a very big risk involves on this scheme. 

Best Videos on how to save money

Top Videos on how to save money 

Pinoy Money Tips: Guard your Health

Health is Wealth, remember? Good health will allow you in earning more while bad health will drain your finances.

Pinoy Money Tip: Earn Money Online

20 years ago earning online means nothing.  Now, it seems that earning money online is a lucrative business for some bloggers and publishers.

How to start earning money online?
First, You need to learn how to write.
You need to learn how to promote products

You need to have a blog platform to write and endorse products

  1.  Put Google Adsense on your websites
  2.  Put Infolinks
  3.  Put Chitika
  4.  You can also register with Squidoo, Hub Pages, Zujava 

If you are not into feature writing and product promotions then you can search for online jobs in Odesk

Pinoy Money Tips: Invest Early

Remember your lessons about compound interest?

Pinoy Money Tips: Have Multiple Source of Income

You enjoyed your routine sports exercise. You are so thirsty. so thirsty... so thirsty.  But there are no more running water from your faucet. The water supply was cut due to a scheduled maintenance. What will you do ?

Pinoy Money Tips: Know Some Acronyms

Do you know the meaning of PSE? PHP? ROI? GDP? ROE? YTD?NAV?
Don't Know?

Pinoy Money Tips: Know the power of compound Interest

Pinoy Money Tips: Attend free Money Seminars

Is there such thing as free?

Pinoy Money Tips: Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

It is one of the oldest lesson that you've heard. But don't underestimate the power of this elementary lesson, Recycling.

Some grocery stores are now charging for extra plastic or paper bags that they lend to the customers.
If a bag cost 2 pesos each but you shop twice a week then

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pinoy Money Tips: Watch ANC

Huh? What's ANC? Wait a Minute! Didn't you say stop watching TV?

Pinoy Money Tip: Use your Gold .. I mean Time.. Wisely

Time is Gold is a cliche quote but often not taken seriously.

If time is gold then like money it needs to be protected, save or invested.
How do you  protect your time? How do you save your time? How do you invest your time?

If you answered the questions above smoothly, I salute you.
For those who are still wandering for answers, here are my suggestions:

Pinoy Money Tip: Share a room

Sharing a room or  a house is a common practice in the Philippines for saving money.

Inform your friends, cousins, old classmates and acquaintances. They might not need the room now but we don't know their needs in the future.

Additionally, they might know someone else who badly needs a new home location.
It will be a win-win situation for both of you!

Pinoy Money Tip: Forget the taxi, Ride the jeepney

I won't stop you if wan't to ride a taxi.  Who doesn't want the comfort and ease being offered by the taxi?

I just want to remind you that ...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pinoy Money Tip #3: Track your expenses

You opened your wallet but there's no more money.  You put your hands on your side pockets but there are no coins.  You just received your salary and the next payout is another 2 weeks of sweat and effort.

Your mind is filled with one lingering question

Pinoy Money Tip #2 Ensure that your deposits are covered by insurance (eg PDIC).

Saving is a good thing. But unprotected saving may reduced to nothing.

Pinoy Money Tip #1 Use Applications for Money Management


Should I invest in Rural Banks?

What is your purpose?
Savings, Investment, High Interest?

Are there any alternative?

What is the benefit of investing in Rural Bank?

What are the risk of investing in Rural Banks?

Are you willing to take these risks?