Sunday, December 7, 2014

Why I decided Not to Day Trade for a Living

I like the idea of day trading. I feel joy when my trade goes in my favor.
I feel like I'm the greatest trader in the world (even if I'm not). I feel like I won the lottery (even if I just gained a few hundred pesos)

I want to do it every hour and every day.  I want to trade more but I know I should not.
My reason is not related to the piling of commission or brokerage fees but more on my productiveness. My reason is not related to risk either.

 I might gain in day trading but even I have profits, I know deep inside that I didn't produce anything.
It's not all about the money.  I know that I exerted time and effort to execute the trade but I didn't produced any product or service for the benefit of the people.  Of course, I helped the broker to earn a little commission and the government to have taxes but I consider it as minimal. I provided service and entertainment for myself because I did what I like but I wanted to serve more.

My point is I can be more productive and earn at the same time compared when I just sitting down, doing manual trades and wait for stock prices to change. If I avoid my manual trades, I can be more productive and produce greater impact for society !  This may also apply with you. Try to think about it.

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